The Left-Handed Flop Drop

Some left-handed writers (even a few right-handers) have a hooked wrist when they write. It may simply be caused by the way they were told to position their paper. Left-handers hook so they can see what they are writing. The problem with a hooked wrist is that it is awkward, can be painful, and can smear if using a fountain pen.

Try this.

Put paper in place. An oversized piece is good. Put a pen or pencil in the hand. Lift the arm, keeping the writing instrument held as if to write. Relax the arm and hand completely while holding the pen or pencil just so doesn’t fall out of the hand. There should be a straight line from elbow to hand, no hook. Now let the hand flop down to the paper and scribble just a very few marks. Lift the arm again. Check for a relaxed position, drop and scribble. Repeat with the eyes closed. Feel your movements!

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