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Pencil hold help and fun for young hands: 1) Give a child or children some corn. Use candy corn or the hard corn found at this season. You could even cut up tiny bits of orange paper and pretend it’s … Continue reading

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Curious Cursive

Barchowsky Fluent Handwriting presents basic and cursive italic. The basic letters are essentially the same as the cursive ones. Once the basic letters are learned they move easily into cursive, but is it cursive as you understand cursive? What does … Continue reading

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Have You Seen This?

Often I hear that this series of videos is helpful to people who want to improve their handwriting. Please have a look. Hope it helps!

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Got Touch Screen?

What a great way to train fingers for handwriting! Many apps for  touch screens encourage us to move around the screen with the index finger. Sadly, the thumb dominates in much of our electronic world. It may well contribute to … Continue reading

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