Surprising E-mail!

I knew my method of instruction has helped people to relax and make handwriting easier, especially for those with arthritic hands, but this e-mail came as an especially happy surprise:
“Dear Nan,

I received your book Fix It Write about a month ago and have been practising (UK spelling) ever since. Having worked physically hard most of my life I found my handwriting had become increasingly poor. To the extent that i seldom would write ‘long-hand’ at all due to the scrawling mess I left on the page. Over years i had developed muscles for laying blocks and stirring cement, not holding a pen delicately. What with the arrival of the Internet I found it increasingly redundant to write letters, most communication now is via email etc.

A couple of years ago i damaged the nerves in both my arms resulting in a minor tremble in both hands. This meant that even printing the text by hand became difficult for me. During the past month of practising I have noticed that the trembling in my hands has stopped. I am able to hold my hands quite still now. I’ve still a way to go, but there is a dramatic improvement in my handwriting to the extent that I now get excited at the chance of writing again.

Best Wishes,

Bruce Austen.”

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