A Very Encouraging Word!

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Manuel Alvarez     5:19am Jun 2
Hello Mrs Barchowsky
When I was a little child my twin brother and I were left handed so we use to take the pen with the left hand but in school (in Spain) the teacher force us to take it with the right hand. The result was a disaster. Both my brother and I had always terrible handwriting. It’s small and tense and turned to one side. If I try to write now with my left hand it comes out BAD but bigger and straight. I guest is too late to start writing with my left hand so I’m practising with my right hand.

I only find out about you couple of months ago in the internet just by chance. Instantly i was excited and couldn’t wait to get started. Thank you for inspiring me to improve my handwriting. You made it so easy and fun. Love all the tips and observations you point and the way to talk in the videos. I’m so glad I find your book “Fix it…” I really enjoy my 15 min practice daily. The results are amazing!
Thanks again Mrs Barchowsky

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