A Note from a Fifth Grader

Dear Mrs. Barchowsky,

My name is Atula, and I am thrilled to send you an e-mail. I love your writing method and it is helping me a lot in school. I am in 5th grade. I go to [school name deleted for the student’s protection]. I had a couple of questions about your handwriting manual, and I hope you can answer them. I am confused on how to connect the letter x to any other letter. The letter itself is shown very clearly in the manual, but there are no word examples and  whenever I join x, it interrupts my fluency and I have to slow down. In conventional cursive, the x is very curvy, so it is easy to write quickly, but it is rather hard to read in my opinion. I know x is one of those tricky letters out there, like k. Speaking of k, whenever I am in a hurry and I write a BFH k, it looks almost like a too-long capital R. Could you help me with these problems, please? Thank you!

Of course I responded!

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