Using x and k in BFH Italic


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2 Responses to Using x and k in BFH Italic

  1. Pierce Wetter says:

    Hmm… I’ve modified my k from BFH. Rather than make it look like a cursive k, I make it by backtracking from making the top of the second half of the k. That is, it’s almost the same hand movement as a cursive k, but I’ve flattened the loop into a line. I find that more readable.

    Similar to x, I no longer join out of my BFH r. I like the italic r much better than the cursive r which always degenerated into a “n” shape, but I can’t join out of it an have it consistently recognizable.

    • BFH Handwriting says:

      Handwriting should always allow for each personal perspective, and for ease of letter formation by each individual hand.

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