Tips to Fix Your Handwriting

Just posted to YouTube: Tips to Fix Your Handwriting:

More videos are in the works that I hope will be helpful.

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3 Responses to Tips to Fix Your Handwriting

  1. Bianca says:

    Hey Nan, I’ve been exercising my handwriting according to some posts I’ve seen on your blog and videos on Youtube, I have some questions. How “slanted” the handwriting can be? Mine is very slanted, how can I straighten it? Should I tilt the notebook/paper I’m using a little?
    Do you have any ideas to help my handwriting to improve not only on paper but on board too? Or those two come together?


    • BFH Handwriting says:

      Your slant may be due to your posture and paper placement. Try this: Sit straight in front of a desk or table, your legs should not be crossed and feet should be flat on the floor. Put a piece of paper or a pad on the desk/table. Now write straight vertical lines of about 1/2 inch in length. Pull the lines toward the center of your body. Now move the paper to the left, to the right, slant it a little this way and that, and keep writing those lines. I think you will see that slant depends on paper position and posture.

  2. Katie says:

    Dear Nan, I am in 5th grade. All of my class mates write beautiful. In our school we are going to write a dictation and get a grade only for beautiful letters. I want to ask you Nan. If you could, maybie you can make a video in YouTube about your alphabeth (show your alphabeth capital and non-capital letters)? I would be really happy to see it. If you can do it, please leave me a link bellow this question to the video. Thank you Nan!!

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