Please Look

I just had another look myself! Go to “Handwriting Repair.”

This relates to what I wrote about cursive in November, and tells about handwriting in such a clear and imaginative way. Briem is a valued mentor to me.

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  1. Katy says:

    I’d love to see a blog post– or information on your website– detailing the differences between Getty-Dubay Italic and Barchowsky Fluent Handwriting. I’m trying to decide which program to pursue for my homeschooled children. A big appeal of Getty-Dubay is the workbooks for each grade level. Any chance of Barchowsky expanding in that direction?

    • BFH Handwriting says:

      Thanks for asking. While I recognize the ease of presenting instruction with workbooks, I will not produce them. I believe they serve the teacher better than the student. The closest my program comes to workbooks is the grouping by levels (beginner-to-older student) with lesson pages to print out that the teacher considers best for the student(s). And there are lots of choices: 285!

      Children, even adults enjoy and progress in learning if they can work with text that is relevant to their particular interests, or integrates well with other studies. For that reason, the text on many lesson pages can be edited before it is printed. In addition there are lined pages where the teacher or student can type and print appropriate text. It personalizes the lessons.

      The flexibility of the program allows one to have multiple copies of any lesson, so if a child needs extra help with the formation of a letter, he or she can have extra practice. To prevent the boredom of repetition, the wording can be changed from page to page.

      Rhythm exercises are emphasized in my program with the intent of building legibility at age appropriate speed. Exercise patterns require less thought than the formation of each of the 62 different lowercase, uppercase and numeral characters.

      Cost is a factor in choosing the Barchowsky program. It may seem initially expensive, but it is economical in the long run. It is a one time purchase, a complete program that serves either a family of homeschoolers, or a classroom with never a need to purchase additional workbooks.

      The goal of Barchowsky handwriting is to develop handwriting that is natural to each individual hand.

  2. This is amazing blog.It really awesome.How you write is so good.

  3. We have practised your teachings and benefitted a lot. thank you very much. I wish you all the best.

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