A Note from a Fifth Grader

Dear Mrs. Barchowsky,

My name is Atula, and I am thrilled to send you an e-mail. I love your writing method and it is helping me a lot in school. I am in 5th grade. I go to [school name deleted for the student’s protection]. I had a couple of questions about your handwriting manual, and I hope you can answer them. I am confused on how to connect the letter x to any other letter. The letter itself is shown very clearly in the manual, but there are no word examples and  whenever I join x, it interrupts my fluency and I have to slow down. In conventional cursive, the x is very curvy, so it is easy to write quickly, but it is rather hard to read in my opinion. I know x is one of those tricky letters out there, like k. Speaking of k, whenever I am in a hurry and I write a BFH k, it looks almost like a too-long capital R. Could you help me with these problems, please? Thank you!

Of course I responded!

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2 Responses to A Note from a Fifth Grader

  1. Susan Else says:

    Could you post your response to the you lady asking about how to connect the “x” and how to work with her “k”. It would be very helpful, as this is an area of confusion.

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